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  1. Read the installation instructions.
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  3. Enter the precise project details in 6 easy steps.
  4. Print a copy of the price quote and layout for your records.


  1. This Spacing Tool produces estimates and layouts; results and values produced are not legally binding and are subject to change and approval by Iceblox Inc. Call (717) 697-1900 to verify all layouts.
  2. Use the tabs at the top to navigate each step.
  3. Answer each question accurately.
  4. Before submitting a request, check for errors. Valid fields will display a green check mark.
  5. Iceblox Inc. d.b.a. SnoBlox - Snojax will not be held liable for incorrect material quantities recommended on Spacing Tool quotations and or layouts.


  1. This Spacing Tool is capable of calculating estimates and layouts for snow loads up to 80 PSF.
  2. Layouts of roof areas are not exact and not to scale and are provided only as a reference.
  3. Estimate individual roofs separately. 9 or more roof areas require additional estimates.
  4. Due to the unbalanced snow loading that will occur, we do not recommend isolated snow guard placement,such as only above doorways, vents, chimneys, etc. As such, we do not guarantee or recommend snow guards for use in isolated applications.
  5. Fasten screw mounted snow guards into a purlin, structural support or at least 2" thick wood blocking.
  6. We do not recommend adhesive mounted snow guards on granular shingle, rubber membrane, copper or lead coated copper roofs .
  7. Orders ship the same or next business day.
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